Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Postman

Last night had been a whirlwind of lovemaking, she laid there in the afterglow and tried to process what had happened. Her husband was away on "business" as usual. He was working more and more, and staying away at least once a week. He had less time for her and they hadn't been physical for months. She had needs and last night all of them  had more had been fulfilled. Did she feel guilty? This is what she was trying to figure out. Charlie was her best friend, and although she'd always found him attractive, she didn't really think of him like that. She used to pour out all her problems to him, he was always there for her and he always listened without judging her. He put her at ease and she felt like she could tell him anything.

She started stroking the hairs on Charlie's chest while he slept. Part of her wanted to wake him so he would take her again, and send her to heaven with his frenzied lovemaking skills. Her legs were still quivering from the last session, and she was covered in bite marks that she had only just noticed. She had no idea how to explain them to her husband, but she doubted he would even look at her naked body ever again. She didn't even care. Charlie stirred and she kissed him, his tongue explored her mouth, her lips and she started to sigh, she wanted him so much, she kissed down his chest and his belly and started to fellate him. Charlie started to breathe heavily, this was as much a surprise to him as it was to her. This was all so new. He ejaculated deep into her mouth and she drank it all down hungrily.

She walked downstairs, she needed a coffee, she got Charlie something to drink while he answered a call of nature and she sat and waited for the coffee, she was hungry but she didn't want to eat, perhaps she did feel guilty, perhaps she was in love, her head was a mess and she couldn't figure out what was happening. With that, she saw a shadowy figure through the frosted glass on the door coming up the path, and she panicked. If this was her husband she was in big trouble, she didn't have time to run upstairs and change the bedding. The sheets were sodden with last nights passion. She took a deep breath as the figure stopped and reached out a hand, she closed her eyes tight. There was a knock, it wasn't her husband, it was the postman, she let out her breath with a sigh of relief. Unfortunately Charlie hated the postman and he came running through at full speed, barking like a maniac. "Shut up Charlie" she shouted "It's only the postman" She opened the door and the postman was stood there with a package. "You need to sign for this" said the postman holding out a package. "thanks very much" she said signing the pad.

She closed the door and held the brown paper wrapped box, "I know what this is Charlie, it's a toy from Ann Summers. It doesn't look like I'll be needing it now. Lets go back to bed"

Monday, 11 April 2011

May to December

Candy was a 35 year old scorcher, long dark hair, sexy Mediterranean looks and  legs that went on for miles. She knew the power she had over men and she knew how to get what she wanted. When Candy walked into a room, every one turned their heads to watch her walk by. It excited her to know that men and women wanted her, and they usually got her, because she was a total slag.

One afternoon she had just finished a very hard shift at the laboratory, where she worked as a scientist trying to find a new kind of fuel for cars and lorries and everything like that, she was sat at the bar for only ten minutes when a tall handsome older gentleman came over and started to casually chat to her. She found herself completely transfixed by him. He was everything that the young studs weren't. He had confidence and sex appeal by the boat load and he put her at ease instantly. She had never been attracted to older men, but there was something about this man. "What's your name?" She asked the silver fox, "Keith" He replied in a deep voice, "and yours?"
"Candy Fitzgerald"
"Well Candy I'd like to spend a bit more time with you and get to know you. How about I take you to dinner?"
"I'd love to go to dinner with you"
She had no idea what was happening to her, she was falling deep in love with this man she had known for literally minutes. He was so charming and well dressed. He was like James Bond's dad.

While Keith and Candy tucked into their prawn cocktail starter in the opulent restaurant, they started playing footsie under the table.  Candy ran her stockinged foot up Keith's leg, she felt his sock garter and realised this was one sophisticated guy.
"I want to make love to you tonight Candy, and I don't think I can take no for an answer" said Keith staring deep into Candy's eyes.
" I want the same thing, and I want it now, I don't think I can wait until after the tiramisu"
"Let's go to my room, and I'm going to show you how beautiful I think you are"
"I need to go and powder my nose" said Candy, which wasn't true, she wanted to have a quick rinse round with a wet wipe and pop a squirt of femfresh on her gusset just in case.  Keith got the bill, which wasn't much because they only had two glasses of house white and two prawn cocktails, they didn't get charged for the little dish of olives, and Keith didn't mention it. Candy nipped to the loo for a wee and a freshen up.

On the way up to the room Keith couldn't keep his hands off Candy, and Candy loved every second of it. She'd been around the block a bit but Keith's experienced hands seem to know every inch of her and what she liked. She liked pretty much everything, she had quite low self esteem considering she was so attractive. He opened the door to his room and they walked in. There isn't much to describe, pretty standard room, water colour above the bed, striped bedspread, matching curtains... the usual stuff.

Candy laid on the bed and and Keith went into the bathroom. He came back out and just popped the telly on and turned it up quite loud. Then disappeared back in the bathroom. After about ten minutes, he came back out with an erection. Candy licked her lips and took her lab coat off revealing a red peep hole bra and red crotchless knickers. Then Keith went at it like a mad man and Candy had about ten orgasms. Then Keith went back to the toilet really quick, and came back out again and carried on for ages. Candy got a bit bored if she was honest, but she didn't mind because Keith seemed nice enough.

Eventually Keith fell asleep without achieving orgasm.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Woman On Top.

Jean was a super confident and sexy business woman. She liked nice clothes, fancy shoes and money. She was very driven, hard working and intelligent. Jean had worked in Admin for 14 years and she was one tough cookie. No one would mess with her, she had a reputation as a bitch. Once someone ate her muesli bar out of the break room, and she had them sacked for theft. 

Thursday morning Jean was getting off the bus and walking into the building when she spotted a young man wandering around outside. "You look lost" said Jean. "I am a bit" said the handsome stranger. "Well, if you tell me where you need to be maybe I can help you" She said with a glint in her eye, because she thought he was terrific looking. "I'm looking for Jean Mottershead" Said the mysterious lost man. "You've found her"
"Oh, you're not what I was expecting"
"What do you mean"
"I was expecting someone . . . less attractive"
"Well, you certainly are charming, why are you looking for me?" 
"You ordered some stationary and there seems to be a huge error on the form"
"That's impossible, I always check and recheck these things, come up to my office and we will sort this out once and for all"
The tall handsome stranger followed Jean to her office, and he sat down and Jean went and sat behind her desk. 

The office was like something out of an Ikea catalogue, all beech and glass. She had some frames with her City and Guilds, and G.N.V.Q. qualifications in them. Jean flicked the mini electric heater on, because the portacabin was always cold in the morning. "Should heat up soon" said Jean rubbing her hands together."Now show me what you have" she said to him briskly.
"Excuse me?" said the man
"The forms, I need to see this so called mistake"
"Oh yes of course, here it is" The man handed Jean the form and sat back on his grey plastic chair.
"What's your name?" asked Jean glaring at him,
"Paul Johnson" replied Paul Johnson.
"Well Mr Johnson, I see what's happened here, I've smudged the one and it looks like a seven"
"Oh okay" 
"I hope that sorts everything out" said Jean 
"Yes" said Paul.
"Good" replied Jean

Paul got up and walked to the door and was just about to leave when Jean said to him "fancy a blow job?" He did. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lady Loving

"God I love being a lesbian" said Jenny to her girlfriend Claire. "Yeah it's the best" said Claire nodding. "I like how a woman knows what a woman needs, and you can have massive orgasms all the time if that's what you're into" said Jenny rubbing her big boobs. Jenny and Claire had been lesbian girlfriends for a year, and they bloody loved it. They loved the lifestyle and the comfy clothes, but mainly they loved lesbian sex. They enjoyed touching each others private parts, even though essentially they were the same as their own, so nothing different really.

They lived in a fancy Manhattan apartment, the kind you see on the tv. It had really big windows and they would French kiss with tongues in front of them on a night, so the neighbours could see. They are filthy.

"I don't fancy going to that hip new club tonight Claire" said Jenny in a sexy whisper while putting on a pair of lacy crotchless panties. "Oh really?" said Claire "You could have told me that before I started to get ready, it's taken me ages to do my hair and make-up." Claire looked amazing, she'd put her hair in a high pony tail and she had loads of make-up on. "Come on Jenny, I really want to go out and dance and have expensive cocktails, I love the crazy New York lifestyle. I like how you can be in a same sex couple and no one judges you because of your sexual preferences and choices and you can just be yourself. PLEEASSEE?" Claire pleaded.
"But don't you want to stay in? I've bought a sex toy and some massage oil and we could use those and have some serious sexy fun" said Jenny licking her lips and twirling her hair around her finger. 
"Oh you didn't say anything about doing lesbian sex Jenny" replied Claire getting aroused, her nipples were rock hard and she circled them with her fingers. She walked over to her lover and led her by the hand to the bedroom, which was massive and a really big double bed in it. There was a mirror on the ceiling so when they did stuff they could both watch. . . and believe me they did. Claire sat on the bed and rubbed the quilt cover with her fingers. "Is this new?" she said in a low purr. "Yes, so I'd prefer it if you didn't use the massage oil. I don't want to get it on here because it will stain"
"It's water based, it should come out in a low temperature wash"
"Yeah, but I'd rather not risk it, it's a pretty nice quilt cover"
She wasn't lying, it was gorgeous, soft and silky and felt nice on Claire's soft skin. It was a lovely creamy colour and went well with the d├ęcor of the room, which was also cream. She laid back and Jenny licked Claire's tuppence like a nutter. Then they swapped over and Jenny got to have a go, and then they scissored for hours. They were both like "oh yeah, this is the best lesbian sex I have ever had." They both had orgasms and fell asleep until the morning.

"Shit" said Claire, "I'm late for work and I've got to perform a life saving operation in an hour and you need to get to work as well, I may be a sexy lesbian but I'm also a leading heart doctor and the pressure is really on" Claire was buttoning up her white coat and putting her hair in a bun. Jenny put her gun holder on and her FBI vest. "Yeah I know what you mean, I've got to catch that serial killer and I've got a new partner who fancies himself like mad and won't believe I'm a full on lesbian. He keeps saying he wants to convert me to the other side." Claire looked cross and said "Goddamn it why do hot guys always want to have sex with hot dykes like us? Don't they realise we don't like men's penises we just love vaginas?"
"We should do it with him just to show him what he's missing out on"
"Haha good one"
"I'll arrange it today, anyway, I'd best get going or the police boss is going to nail my ass to the wall"
The End?

Monday, 4 April 2011

Sexy Role Play

"Let's play a game" said Mike
"Okay" whispered Lesley. "Take off your pants and go downstairs to the bar, and then I'll come in acting all business like and I'll try and pick you up and everything" said Mike staring deep into Lesley's eyes. "Yeah okay" said Lesley. 
She left the hotel room after dropping her pants on the bed. She got in the lift and she felt a breeze going up under her skirt, onto her front bottom. She liked it.

She sat on a bar stool and patiently waited for Mike. He was about 20 minutes, because he had to have a quick poo. He came downstairs in his tracksuit, because it was comfy. It wasn't a name brand one, he didn't think they were worth the money. He'd bought it from Tesco and it seemed to wash quite well, it wasn't as blue as when he first bought it, but that was more due to the wash powder that had been used rather than the quality of the dye. He thought he could pretend to be a businessman who had just been for a business meeting in the gym or something. He saw Lesley on the barstool, and he got a semi on, because he knew he would probably get to have sex with her later. 

"Can I buy you a drink Hotstuff?" 
"Yes please, I'll have half a lager and lime and a packet of smokey bacon crisps please"
"Do you like pork?'
"I don't mind it yes, I'm a bit hungry because I missed my dinner" breathed Lesley into Mike's ear. 
"I'd like to fill you up" replied Mike. Lesley gave a smile, "Good" she said.

The barman asked what they wanted, and Mike said that he wanted half a lager and lime and a packet of smokey bacon crisps and a pint of bitter and some peanuts. The barman brought them to him and then Mike gave him some money and the barman gave him some change and Mike went and sat down at a table and Lesley went with him. They sat down together.

"Right, lets get down to it" said Mike being all stern.
"Yeah fine" replied Lesley
"I want to have sex with you tonight"
"Yeah I know, that's why we're here"
"No I mean in the role play game"
"Oh yeah, I know, that's what I mean.
"I'm prepared to give you the job Miss Smith, if you do sex with me tonight"
"Oh, okay. I'll do sex BUT only for the job, because I want that job so damn much"
"I know you do Miss Smith. Righto, drink your drink and we'll go upstairs and I'm going to do everything I want tonight"
Lesley looked confused, "but we've just come from upstairs"
"Yeah I know, but I'm not doing it down here."
"Fine" said Lesley a bit grumpy.

They went up in the lift and Mike fingered Lesley a bit. He knew that the security cameras were on him but he wasn't really bothered. "Oh no, I hope my wife doesn't see me doing this on one of those tv shows, where they put clips from CCTV on" He said winking at Lesley. "You'd best get your fingers out then" said Lesley.

They walked to the hotel room and Lesley laid on the bed pulled her skirt up and Mike laid on top of her and got his thingy out and pushed it up Lesley. He hammered away at her for ages and she was all screaming about it and everything. She was loving it. Then he did a big jizz and collapsed. She got from under him and put her pants back on. He said thank you and gave her £50. She left the hotel room and he thought to himself, Lesley is one hell of a good prostitute.