Saturday, 9 April 2011

Woman On Top.

Jean was a super confident and sexy business woman. She liked nice clothes, fancy shoes and money. She was very driven, hard working and intelligent. Jean had worked in Admin for 14 years and she was one tough cookie. No one would mess with her, she had a reputation as a bitch. Once someone ate her muesli bar out of the break room, and she had them sacked for theft. 

Thursday morning Jean was getting off the bus and walking into the building when she spotted a young man wandering around outside. "You look lost" said Jean. "I am a bit" said the handsome stranger. "Well, if you tell me where you need to be maybe I can help you" She said with a glint in her eye, because she thought he was terrific looking. "I'm looking for Jean Mottershead" Said the mysterious lost man. "You've found her"
"Oh, you're not what I was expecting"
"What do you mean"
"I was expecting someone . . . less attractive"
"Well, you certainly are charming, why are you looking for me?" 
"You ordered some stationary and there seems to be a huge error on the form"
"That's impossible, I always check and recheck these things, come up to my office and we will sort this out once and for all"
The tall handsome stranger followed Jean to her office, and he sat down and Jean went and sat behind her desk. 

The office was like something out of an Ikea catalogue, all beech and glass. She had some frames with her City and Guilds, and G.N.V.Q. qualifications in them. Jean flicked the mini electric heater on, because the portacabin was always cold in the morning. "Should heat up soon" said Jean rubbing her hands together."Now show me what you have" she said to him briskly.
"Excuse me?" said the man
"The forms, I need to see this so called mistake"
"Oh yes of course, here it is" The man handed Jean the form and sat back on his grey plastic chair.
"What's your name?" asked Jean glaring at him,
"Paul Johnson" replied Paul Johnson.
"Well Mr Johnson, I see what's happened here, I've smudged the one and it looks like a seven"
"Oh okay" 
"I hope that sorts everything out" said Jean 
"Yes" said Paul.
"Good" replied Jean

Paul got up and walked to the door and was just about to leave when Jean said to him "fancy a blow job?" He did. 

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  1. This is too much. I prefer my erotica a little more subtle, not so in your face.