Monday, 11 April 2011

May to December

Candy was a 35 year old scorcher, long dark hair, sexy Mediterranean looks and  legs that went on for miles. She knew the power she had over men and she knew how to get what she wanted. When Candy walked into a room, every one turned their heads to watch her walk by. It excited her to know that men and women wanted her, and they usually got her, because she was a total slag.

One afternoon she had just finished a very hard shift at the laboratory, where she worked as a scientist trying to find a new kind of fuel for cars and lorries and everything like that, she was sat at the bar for only ten minutes when a tall handsome older gentleman came over and started to casually chat to her. She found herself completely transfixed by him. He was everything that the young studs weren't. He had confidence and sex appeal by the boat load and he put her at ease instantly. She had never been attracted to older men, but there was something about this man. "What's your name?" She asked the silver fox, "Keith" He replied in a deep voice, "and yours?"
"Candy Fitzgerald"
"Well Candy I'd like to spend a bit more time with you and get to know you. How about I take you to dinner?"
"I'd love to go to dinner with you"
She had no idea what was happening to her, she was falling deep in love with this man she had known for literally minutes. He was so charming and well dressed. He was like James Bond's dad.

While Keith and Candy tucked into their prawn cocktail starter in the opulent restaurant, they started playing footsie under the table.  Candy ran her stockinged foot up Keith's leg, she felt his sock garter and realised this was one sophisticated guy.
"I want to make love to you tonight Candy, and I don't think I can take no for an answer" said Keith staring deep into Candy's eyes.
" I want the same thing, and I want it now, I don't think I can wait until after the tiramisu"
"Let's go to my room, and I'm going to show you how beautiful I think you are"
"I need to go and powder my nose" said Candy, which wasn't true, she wanted to have a quick rinse round with a wet wipe and pop a squirt of femfresh on her gusset just in case.  Keith got the bill, which wasn't much because they only had two glasses of house white and two prawn cocktails, they didn't get charged for the little dish of olives, and Keith didn't mention it. Candy nipped to the loo for a wee and a freshen up.

On the way up to the room Keith couldn't keep his hands off Candy, and Candy loved every second of it. She'd been around the block a bit but Keith's experienced hands seem to know every inch of her and what she liked. She liked pretty much everything, she had quite low self esteem considering she was so attractive. He opened the door to his room and they walked in. There isn't much to describe, pretty standard room, water colour above the bed, striped bedspread, matching curtains... the usual stuff.

Candy laid on the bed and and Keith went into the bathroom. He came back out and just popped the telly on and turned it up quite loud. Then disappeared back in the bathroom. After about ten minutes, he came back out with an erection. Candy licked her lips and took her lab coat off revealing a red peep hole bra and red crotchless knickers. Then Keith went at it like a mad man and Candy had about ten orgasms. Then Keith went back to the toilet really quick, and came back out again and carried on for ages. Candy got a bit bored if she was honest, but she didn't mind because Keith seemed nice enough.

Eventually Keith fell asleep without achieving orgasm.

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  1. Gave me a massive bang on, hope to read more asap. I'm a respectable member of society and have to say this literally took my face off.