Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Postman

Last night had been a whirlwind of lovemaking, she laid there in the afterglow and tried to process what had happened. Her husband was away on "business" as usual. He was working more and more, and staying away at least once a week. He had less time for her and they hadn't been physical for months. She had needs and last night all of them  had more had been fulfilled. Did she feel guilty? This is what she was trying to figure out. Charlie was her best friend, and although she'd always found him attractive, she didn't really think of him like that. She used to pour out all her problems to him, he was always there for her and he always listened without judging her. He put her at ease and she felt like she could tell him anything.

She started stroking the hairs on Charlie's chest while he slept. Part of her wanted to wake him so he would take her again, and send her to heaven with his frenzied lovemaking skills. Her legs were still quivering from the last session, and she was covered in bite marks that she had only just noticed. She had no idea how to explain them to her husband, but she doubted he would even look at her naked body ever again. She didn't even care. Charlie stirred and she kissed him, his tongue explored her mouth, her lips and she started to sigh, she wanted him so much, she kissed down his chest and his belly and started to fellate him. Charlie started to breathe heavily, this was as much a surprise to him as it was to her. This was all so new. He ejaculated deep into her mouth and she drank it all down hungrily.

She walked downstairs, she needed a coffee, she got Charlie something to drink while he answered a call of nature and she sat and waited for the coffee, she was hungry but she didn't want to eat, perhaps she did feel guilty, perhaps she was in love, her head was a mess and she couldn't figure out what was happening. With that, she saw a shadowy figure through the frosted glass on the door coming up the path, and she panicked. If this was her husband she was in big trouble, she didn't have time to run upstairs and change the bedding. The sheets were sodden with last nights passion. She took a deep breath as the figure stopped and reached out a hand, she closed her eyes tight. There was a knock, it wasn't her husband, it was the postman, she let out her breath with a sigh of relief. Unfortunately Charlie hated the postman and he came running through at full speed, barking like a maniac. "Shut up Charlie" she shouted "It's only the postman" She opened the door and the postman was stood there with a package. "You need to sign for this" said the postman holding out a package. "thanks very much" she said signing the pad.

She closed the door and held the brown paper wrapped box, "I know what this is Charlie, it's a toy from Ann Summers. It doesn't look like I'll be needing it now. Lets go back to bed"

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